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D-L Ricerca is part to the University Iuav institutional archive.

It contains and makes available in electronic format the scientific materials produced by Iuav professors and researchers, deposided by the authors directly through a self-archiving procedure.

Various documents can be deposited (journal articles, excerpts, books, patents, projects, compositions, drawings, design performances, manufactures, works of art, technical reports, conference proceedings, etc) and their format can vary (pdf, html, jpg, etc.).

The procedure to deposit is very simple and documents can be accessed by the whole scientific community; so the distribution and dissemination of such documents is made easier; Knowledge dissemination through easy accessibility is one of the goals of the Berlin Declaration on open access of scientific literature, and the University Iuav has joined the Declaration with a resolution adopted by the Senate on Juin 16, 2006.

The deposit in D-L Ricerca does not compromise the possession of rights by the authors on their works.


D-L Ricerca supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of