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The construction of the Great Project of Regi Lagni Ecological Corridor

Collaro, C. (2011) The construction of the Great Project of Regi Lagni Ecological Corridor. In: blue in architecture09 _ symposium proceedings. Università Iuav di Venezia. ISBN 978-88-87697-650

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The problem of drainage channels of Regi Lagni is a long-standing problem, if already illustrious citizens have been employed in the past, without a solution is founded. Like NIMBY games where no one wants a structure, a landfill, an incinerator at their home, even here the inhabitants of the provinces concerned, Naples, Caserta and Avellino in part, have removed and refuse to consider this long standing problem, which today has become an emergency for policy maker. What would be the draft, the content, and the address of a management plan? Last year along with other professionals, architects and engineers, was formed a working group to answer the feasibility of a redevelopment and reclamation of the vast territory of Regi Lagni. The team worked for about 4 months full time and what is immediately sprang to the attention was that the environmental disaster of Regi Lagni, has now exceeded its regional boundary and it’s a national alarm. Solving the problem of Regi Lagni means clean up the main shaft (about 80km) but above all the hundreds of km of secondary channels that are currently without any form of control and protection and therefore appealing from the ecomafie power. The Regi Lagni and other artificial canals have virtually infested the coasts of the Domitian littoral and, Castel Volturno town and its bathing facilities will pay more consequences. What could be our contribution to dealing with emergencies so serious? This paper aims: To describe the wide territory which belongs to the catchment’s area of Regi Lagni. To report on the pre-study that was carried forward. To frame at a point of view of interdisciplinary connections with other disciplines: ecology, history, and economics of culture. To define a possible destination for the protection and use of this landscape and artefacts that there insist. To emphasize the links with the problems of climate change, water management and reuse, how these types of projects can form the armature of the new territory. To demonstrate that only by acting together ,at global level,we could hope to raise awareness among people and institutions, still reluctant, despite the seriousness of case.

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