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De Stefani , G. - Borin, M. - Salvato, M. - Tocchetto, D. (2011) FLOATING FLOWERING SYSTEM TO IMPROVE WATER QUALITY AND AESTHETIC VALUE OF WATER ZONES. In: blue in architecture09 _ symposium proceedings. Università Iuav di Venezia. ISBN 978-88-87697-650

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The floating system TECH-IA is a transfer technology of Padua University spin-off, called PAN srl. This technique, known as “floating wetland system”, allows the water treatment directly into the water body (stream, river, channel, natural or artificial) and works using different ways to grab the plants and keep them over the water surface. Using these system we can avoid to use huge surfaces of Constructed Wetlands for phytoremediation. The artificial floating systems are based on structures that sustain no floating plants wich are able to extend their roots in the water column, in calm or running waters, and perform the functions of water treatment. When the system is working at its maximun and it can improve water quality as well the aesthetic value of a water body with the presence of flowering species, creating new water environments for fauna and get better urban water spaces. Tech-IA elements are easy to install and manage. The raft is made with a strong plastic material, resistant at different climates, hydraulic and environmental conditions and has eight grids where the plants can be put and tied. The single elements can be easily linked each other and anchored to the river sides.

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