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Mastroianni, G. - Ruello, G. - Papa, M. - Lofrano, G. - Bizzarrini, N. - Voria, S. (2011) COUNTER-STREAMING WATER: THE TRAVEL OF ENGINEERING WITHOUT BORDERS (EWB). In: blue in architecture09 _ symposium proceedings. Università Iuav di Venezia. ISBN 978-88-87697-650

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In the everyday reality of many people the access and prompt availability of the water resource is given for granted. The book “Acqua Controcorrente” (Counter-streaming Water), by means of an imaginary travel through the paths of water, is intended to be a chance to ponder on the water topic, shifting the point of view on the water distribution in the world, on its use/waste, on the technologies needed to make it drinkable or make the wastewater non-pollutant, on its use as a source of energy and so on. It was also meant to report on the experiences of people which, with their acquired know-how, have given real examples of design application to situations of need. The book is born from the commitment of two Ingegneria Senza Frontiere (Engineering Without Borders) Associations present in Naples and Salerno. These associations were born in the academic environment and belong to a National Network of Associations which, by means of education, research and development, have the aim to elaborate and put into practice new engineering techniques that can favour the fulfillment of all the individuals and spread a different approach to design which is more respectful of the environment and of the human communities. This work is an occasion to consider the ABC (Acqua Bene Comune): the assumption that water is a common good, trying to receive water in our everyday life “not as something naturally due but as a love encounter whose freedom and happiness is just proportional to the obstacles it had to overcome” to come all the way to us. Citation: Italo Calvino: “il Richiamo dell’acqua”.

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