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The shape as expression and measurement of the quality

Peruzzi, M. - Lozza, E. (2011) The shape as expression and measurement of the quality. In: blue in architecture09 _ symposium proceedings. Università Iuav di Venezia. ISBN 978-88-87697-650

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Thanks to Pfeiffer’s Sensitive Cristallisation and other similar laboratory tests, like Kolisko’s Capillary Dynamolisis, it is possible to pour into the water-solution of certain inorganic salts with a small required amount of an organic substance and under specific sperimental term the organic substance undergoes throught a specific organization that is repeatable and expressive of the morphology of the crystal system aggregate, that following solvent evaporation. This organization is peculiar for any organic substance, and it is prove to be a display of morphogenetic field, of the vital being, from whom it derives. Examining possible variations of the crystalline model, of a certain pattern, it is possible to draw out a judgment on the biological-status of the sample and in case goes back to the cause of the disease. In 1995 Peruzzi’s team has studied a test-variation that allows to apply this methode to the study of water quality with favourable results, mainly on the evaluation of the subtile effects, caused by pollution, showing an important changing after handling restoration in order to give new vital strength.

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