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Mattighello, D. (2011) WATER TOWER, LANDSCAPE, PROJECT AND UTOPIA. FROM THE AESTHETIC TO THE POLITICAL AND VICE-VERSA. In: blue in architecture09 _ symposium proceedings. Università Iuav di Venezia. ISBN 978-88-87697-650

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Often the over-contextual logic of the processes that have insisted on the territory has caused the formation of infinite functional fragments; the only homogenous-connecting element of this contemporary landscape seems to be the infrastructure, the structural data of the territorial scene. Anyway no attention has been paid to the other civil infrastructural components that have accompanied the city expansion as the water infrastructures. Following the lesson of E.Turri who proposes the metaphor of the landscape as theatre, the sense of seeing and of observing acquires a political and operating meaning; and it is precisely from this postulate that I intend to propose a re- reading of the ground water level towers as landmark devices from which to view the landscape. Discovering the aesthetic value of the urban and landscape dimension through the observation from such privileged places does mean stimulate a critical reflection on the territorial palimpsest that accommodates our condition trying to decipher the infinite actions that have been carried out on it. The strategy described will delineate new spatial devices of the territory, converting the intrusiveness of such handiworks into landscape structures able to redefine the compositional and figurative arrangements of wide portions of the contemporary palimpsest, but still more effectively, in the role of observation stations, that will favour an awareness of the territorial transformations and of their policies of management.

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