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Comparative study on morphological design approaches for designing sustainable buildings

Demel, Robert (2011) Comparative study on morphological design approaches for designing sustainable buildings. In: blue in architecture09 _ symposium proceedings. Università Iuav di Venezia. ISBN 978-88-87697-650

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Designing for a sustainable future has always been one of the driving forces of building. There was never a building build with the idea that it was not to last. When we talk about sustainable design nowadays we consider evaluating first of all the impact of global warming and the limited resources available, based on the categories of the Brundtland Report. Based on the 4th assessment report of the IPCC the French meteorologist Stéphane Hallegatte studied the climate profile 12 European cities today and in 2070. As a result he was able to point out, that for instance the situation of Berlin, Germany will change to a situation similar to Rome today. In other words looking for building strategies for Berlin today could be approached by looking at the make of the city fabric of Mediterranean cities today in respect of energy efficiency and water conservation. Based on the results of the last summer academy on architecture, reurbanization and sustainability ars09berlin we started a field study comparing the city fabric and the building typology based on the study of Stéphane Hallegatte. I consider the interims results of the field study a valid base to discuss architecture strategies tackling future energy standards and water conservation issues. Prof. Robert Demel, is teaching in the area of sustainable design for more than 9 years, he is a visiting professor at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin since 2006 and established the international summer academy arsberlin.

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