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Wayfinding architectural criteria for the design of complex environments in emergency scenarios

Carattin, Elisabetta (2011) Wayfinding architectural criteria for the design of complex environments in emergency scenarios. In: Evacuation and human behavior in emergency situations, October, 21st 2011, Santander, Spain.

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This study analyzes human wayfinding strategies in emergencies in relation to the perception of the building’s environment. Wayfinding strategies in complex buildings (by floor plan complexity, type of users, etc. ...) are put in relation to the user’s behavior and the quality of the environment around her/him, especially in emergency situations. The results of case studies concerning wayfinding in two supermarkets and a shopping mall in northern Italy are presented and compared in order to understand efficient wayfinding design criteria, especially in emergency situations. The studies concerned a cognitive mapping test in which customers and workers had to recall emergency exits landmarks inside the building, otherwise indidate how she/he would have exited the supermarket in case of emergency. In all three cases, almost 80% of elderly and adults (who are routine clients of these places) were unable to recall exits or identified themselves as behaving ineffectively in an emergency. This is an important consideration when properly designing wayfinding systems and highlights the importance of understanding human behavior, and how people perceive the environment, in order to design safer buildings.

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Parole chiave:wayfinding, comportamento umano in emergenza, human behavior in fire, esodo, egress
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